1. Mechanical High Precision Workshop in Riva San Vitale
  2. 10 employees (with decades of experience)
  3. Annual production capacity: 18,000 hours
  4. Space: 1100 m2 (workshop) + 120 m2 (offices)
  5. CNC machines (EDM, high-speed milling machines) and traditional machines for milling, turning, drilling and grinding
  6. Internal 3D CAM / external 3D design support
  7. History
Metaltool Team
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  1. The workshop is born inside the riri SA company as a maintenance center and production workshop for tools and components for the internal production machines.
  2. metaltool SA was founded in July 2001 by the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs, following the desire of riri SA to dissociate from the workshop and maintenance department.
  3. metaltool SA took over the entire workshop including the staff and stays in the riri SA building for the first 6 months. After it they moved to Via Industria 11 in Riva San Vitale.
  4. 2010, metaltool SA moved from Via Industria 11 to Via Industria 10, also in Riva San Vitale, in the spaces of a renovated warehouse.
  5. In 2012 metaltool SA obtains the ISO 9001: 2008 certification
  6. In 2017 the ISO 9001: 2015 certification was updated
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